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•LCD: In the process of embroidering operation, embroidered patterns are followed up and displayed digitally with convertible display languages of Chinese and English, patterns stored in memory can also be displayed and operation is simple and convenient.
•Format and Memory: It can read and write files of various disc formats such as TAJIMA, Barudan, ZSK, binary system, ternary system, etc ; with storage capacity of 1.0million needles, 99patterns and power-cut protection device.
Rotating Contracting and Enlarging: Patterns can be freely rotated within the range of 0-360 and can be contracted or enlarged freely within 50-200%range.
•Pattern Combination: Different patterns can be combined in different directions sizes and distances into a new pattern.
•Auto-compensation: It can separately or simultaneously compensate X axis(0.1-1.0MM)according to different requirements of material patterns to achieve the best effect of embroidery.
•Auto-reset: It is possible to return to embroidered point and automatically reset to original point as necessary in the process of embroidering.
•Auto-positioning: It can automatically produce outer frame-line of patterns according to the sizes of the patterns and has a peripheral detecting function with make it convenient to convert the plate.
Auto-repeat: Embroidering operations can be repeated 99 time along with X、Y directions in different distances, directions and continuity.
•Editing Patterns: Editing tasks can be carried out for the pattern data, such as copying, altering, separating, combining, deleting, inserting etc.
•Detecting Broken Thread: in the process of operation, it can automatically detect broken threads, thread vacancies and make alarm signals and automatically returns to make amendments (Bottom thread detecting device is optional).
•Empty Needle: The computer can move the needle forward or backward at high speed or low speed with 100 stitches, 1000 stitches, and 10000 stitches so as to improve work efficiency. Cyclic embroidery, have not restrict in repeat frequency. To scale, rotation, delete. Copy and output the design. Automatic return origin, return stop embroidery location and offset origin can be set arbitrarily. Power resume and the embroidery can be continued at cut off position.
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